Clean a large amount of air at once.
Large air purifier with photocatalyst & negative ion function.

Air purifier with photocatalyst to maintain a comfortable environment

Fresh, clean air is delivered to every corner of the house.

Today, we no longer live in an age where we can simply clean the air.
Splend is an authorized distributor of ALCURE, which not only provides air purification for air pollution, but also minimizes the risk from invisible threats such as viruses and bacteria.
The four-layer filter removes PM2.5 and other pollutants, chemicals, and bad odors, keeping the room hygienic with fresh air.
In addition, ALCURE’s notable technology, photocatalysis, removes viruses and bacteria from the air, effectively maintaining a hygienic environment.

    4-layer filter
  • Energy saving UV+
  • Unparalleled reach of
    up to 45 meters
  • Ozone free
  • Eliminates airborne
    viruses and bacteria
  • Removes odors and
    airborne contaminants
  • Automatic operation according
    to the indoor air environment
  • Silent BLDC motor for
    quiet operation

Photocatalytic Technology
(PCO Technology)

Photocatalytic filter + UV-A inhibits
viruses and bacteria.

ALCURE’s photocatalytic filter absorbs viruses and bacteria.
A chemical reaction between catalytic spheres and UV light converts them into highly oxidizing OH radicals, which break down proteins. After suppressing the action of viruses and bacteria, they turn into harmless water and carbon dioxide, providing you with comfortable and clean air.

Proven to eliminate envelope-type
viruses in a short period of time.

Through joint research with Nara Medical University and MBT Consortium, it was confirmed that “a kind of envelope virus” can be removed within about 30 minutes by applying ultraviolet rays (UV-A) to the photocatalyst.

ALCURE all-in-one filter

Four layers of filters and ion clusters remove more than 99% of dust and chemical substances.*1The powerful filter design makes it possible to clean a large volume of air in a short period of time.

*1 The values listed are based on filter performance tests. They have not been measured on actual equipment.

  1. STEP01Pre-filter
    A washable pre-filter removes large dust particles and hair.
  2. STEP02Carbon filter
    Eliminates formaldehyde and other chemicals and odors.
  3. STEP03HEPA filter
    It removes very small particles such as PM2.5 and pollen.
  4. STEP04Photocatalytic filter + UV-LED
    ALCURE’s original photocatalytic filter suppresses bacteria and viruses, and
    removes organic dirt and pollutants.
  5. STEP05Ion Cluster Module
    The positive and negative ions generated by the ion cluster module work on and
    control airborne pollutants and viruses.

High-powered air supply capability circulates clean air to every corner.

The air jet nozzle allows clean air to be sent up to 45 meters.

Adopts energy-saving high-power motor!
Photocatalytic air purifier for ultra-large areas, unparalleled in its class

The air jet nozzle allows clean air to be sent up to 45 meters.

Both quietness and high efficiency.

The large-capacity, high-efficiency BLDC motor enables low-noise operation with low power consumption, so it can be used anywhere.

Slim design saves space.

The thin design minimizes the installation space.
It can be installed in a variety of places without feeling uncomfortable, taking safety into consideration.
Depth: 275-450mm.(Applicable models: A240D, A400D, A800D, A1100D)

Filter comparison

Types of filters
HEPA Filter Carbon
Ion Cluster Ozone
Photocatalytic filter
Particulate filter
Gas filter
Sterilization time
ozone・fatty acid
fatty acid
-Evaluation organization : Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science

Reason to choose ALCURE

ALCURE for maximum consideration of air, life, and hygiene

In today’s lifestyles, where there are many opportunities to go in and out of various facilities, it is essential to create a place where people can stay with peace of mind. ALCURE can maintain a hygienic environment for large facilities such as educational facilities where children gather, sports facilities,
offices, hotels, and condominium lobbies. With ALCURE, you can save power and get the most out of fewer units.

  • Stores Office.
  • Public facilities.
  • Schools Hospitals.
  • amusement facilities
    For amusement facilities

Product Lineup

Large high-powered air purifier with a maximum of 240〜1,121m2

Large air purifier
A240D / A400D / A800D / A1100D

The air jet nozzle with its overwhelming reach and BLDC motor can reach up to 45 meters. It cleans the maximum amount of air at once. It is suitable for large facilities such as hospitals, sports facilities, and lobbies where many people come and go, and provides clear air as if it were ventilated.

Part Number A240D A400D A800D A1100D
Size 800×1500×275mm 800×1500×285mm 1000×1900×450mm 1180×1900×450mm
Weight 75kg 85kg 172kg 220kg
Rated voltage AC100V-240V 50/60Hz shared
Freeze Frame
Power Consumption
210W 300W 900W 1,100W
Applicable bed area
240m2 407m2 799m2 1,121m2
Filter configuration Pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, photocatalytic filter, ion cluster
Price 1,848,000 JPY 2,398,000 JPY 3,278,000 JPY 3,718,000 JPY

Amazing processing power in a compact design

Medium-sized air purifier A100C

The slim tower type is compact but removes viruses and bacteria. More than 99.97% of pollutants and odor-causing substances are removed. Minimize risks from invisible threats in high-traffic stores and offices.

  • Part Number
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Rated voltage
    AC100V 50Hz/60Hz shared
  • Freeze Frame
    Power Consumption
  • Applicable bed area
    Approx. 100m2
  • Filter configuration
    Pre-filter, carbon filter (HEPA carbon integrated), photocatalytic filter
  • Price
    528,000 JPY

Simple and thin design allows for easy installation anywhere.

In-vehicle and compact air purifiers A30C

Can be placed horizontally or hung on a wall! Sanitizes and removes many of the pollutants and odors in the air with a small body.
It can also be used in the car by attaching a cigar socket plug. You can enjoy a long and comfortable drive with clean air.

  • Part Number
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Rated voltage
    AC100V 50Hz/60Hz shared
  • Freeze Frame
    Power Consumption
  • Applicable bed area
  • Filter configuration
    Pre-filter, HEPA filter, photocatalytic filter
  • Price
    107,800 JPY